environment: visual development

based on the story of little red riding hood

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Researching the tale of Little Red Riding Hood brought to light some interesting historical framework - including the grisly true story of the Beast of Gevaudan. The earliest version of the tale with which we are all familiar has been traced back to the early 18th century; however, there are some interesting relatives to the story occurring much earlier, and historians debate nicely on the vague early origins of Little Red Riding Hood. For simplicity’s sake I chose to develop the 18th century tale, which was polished and published widely during the 19th century. I wanted to set two very contrasting environments within this tale, as in the original: the village, or town, and the woods - and so develop palette, tone, mood, and space according to the character arc. I also wanted to experiment with visuals influenced by French post-impressionism and French symbolist landscape, as these movements were coming to fruition just as industry was creeping into the natural environment. As I dove into the project - and as happens with most stories - it exploded out of any control I may have had and transformed into a Little Red existing within the confines of a futuristic but decaying empiric, post-collapse French metropolis and eventually escaping to a forgotten and isolated village, frozen in time, from the late 18th century - along with massive biomechanical wolves used by the government in genetic splicing during the Third World War….etc, etc. You get the idea. This project is still in its infancy in terms of visuals but I am greatly enjoying the challenges in creating this world of hers.

developing the environments